Our Aims

At sunshine we aim to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where children can be encouraged to explore the world around them, feel safe and secure and recognise their individuality and achievements.

We strongly believe that children will flourish to their full potential if they are given the right support and guidance from the start, from yourselves and with our skilled, dedicated and committed staff.

At sunshine, we offer well planned out activities that help children develop their skills a little further.

We link the topics and activities we do to the EYFS (early year’s foundation stage) to challenge every child and adapt to their individual needs.

Children are encouraged to make their own choices to gain independence, and prepare them for school, and also just as importantly work on developing their social skills that enable them to function as part of a group.

We help develop language, literacy and maths through messy play, role play, arts and crafts, and also songs and stories. More challenging activities are also enjoyed from construction, puzzles, small world and adult led games, these activities are designed to develop the child’s imagination and we set simple targets to ensure all children are motivated at all times. This gives the children a sense of achievement whilst also discovering and mastering new skills ensuring they receive the foundations that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Our garden

Our large secure garden is a valuable space where children gain freedom and use up endless supplies of energy, as they learn about the environment around them.

Within this area is a large sun house, this offers the space to have outdoor stories and also planned activities. We can adapt and change this area to fit in with running themes.

We supply a visual book of all toys so that children can readily ask for resources to expand on ideas.